I am a plan and list type of person. Mostly because I can't remember anything. Because of this and my near-clinical obsession with photography, I keep a log of photography compositions and ideas that I want to capture. Some ideas are inspired by images I've seen from other photographers. Others are either stumbled upon in the field or dreamt up, wondering how it might look under the night sky. I want to share this with you since we all have a little new-found free time on our hands.

Download from Dropbox for free here.


Screenshot using The Photographers Ephemeris 3D Completed photo!

How to use this sheet:

It starts with the title. Give your idea a name. Date will be completed later with the help of the apps below for astro subjects. While you're at it, put in the location, directions (map directions, gps, permits needed), etc, so they know where they can find you when you die shooting this.....

Next, go all M. C. Escher on the 2x3 box to sketch the idea/composition. Could be a barely intelligible sketch if you're like me. Whatever you need so you know what you're looking at.

Then, this is where apps like Photopills, The Photographers Ephemeris, and Planit for photographers, etc. make you feel like an astronomical wizard. They can show you milky way location, sunset/sunrise times, moonrise/moonset times, twilight times, simulated views of the landscape, moon phases, sun and moon altitudes and azimuths, just to name a few features. They're pretty rad. Unlike COVID-19.

My most used app is Planit for Photographers. Check it out on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/yingwentech/videos.

You can use the box below the 2x3 grid for info related to your shot. Or you can ignore it. Whatever.

If you're shooting astro subjects, time is of the essence or something like that, so you need to know your shooting window. Those apps listed help with that.

Equipment is a reminder for the stuff 'n things you need to accomplish your idea.

Your successful planned and executed composition is as gratifying as the post-coital cigarette. I don't smoke. Just judging from what I see in movies.

Now go dream, plan, and create!